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indigo financial Analysis and Consultancy LLC


The world’s leading company for wealth management.

Indigo Financial Analysis and Consultancy LLC ("Indigo") is an SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority) regulated financial planning and wealth management firm operating from its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Indigo prides itself on the broad range of nationalities it serves. That base necessitates a strong network of products and solutions designed to survive both cross border challenges, returning home issues, as well as estate planning and tax issues.
We are not only a team of professionals, we are also educators. We aim to teach you everything that you need to know about your financial situation, ensuring that you understand each decision that we recommend.


Authorised activities

According to THE AUTHORITY’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ DECISION NO. (48/R) OF 2008 CONCERNING THE FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY AND FINANCIAL ANALYSIS. Indigo is authorized to operate the below three activities:

Financial Planning: A comprehensive assessment of the current and future financial position of a person through the use of variables known in the present time in order to forecast the future cash flows to help the customer develop a detailed strategy or a financial plan associated with investment in securities, commodities or commodities contracts to achieve the customer’s financial goals.

Financial Consultancy: Opinions and recommendations based on economic and financial research, studies and analyses concerning feasibility and determining the anticipated current or future values of the Securities, Commodities, commodity contracts and companies to be provided to clients or published to the public in any means of publication and communication.

Financial Analysis: Compiling the data and information of the company's financial statements, and examining such data and information in a detailed and accurate manner to illustrate the elements of the statements and the extent of correlation among them or show the changes that occur therein during a period or multiple periods of time, and compare them with the sector where the company operates; and then, interpret the results reached and look into the reasons thereof in order to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the company and determine the level of its performance and therefore be able to make a decision.

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Our recent research and thoughts on the latest market advice, pensions and how to correctly invest your wealth.

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Licensed by the Securities & Commodities Authority, UAE. (License Number – 706042)